BASMA Foundation Stick | Review and Demo

BASMA Foundation Stick

Is the newly-released BASMA Foundation Stick worth getting?

Finding a stick foundation can be challenging. There are not many out on the market compared to liquid or powder formulas, and they can either be incredibly expensive or lack a variety of shade ranges. Personally, I love stick foundations just as much as liquid because they are easy to apply and great for on-the-go. They are also great for traveling, as they won’t leak or crumble in your makeup bag.

BASMA, a WOC-owned beauty brand, recently released their Foundation Stick on their website and Sephora. When I found out about the product, I knew I needed to get my hands on it, since I was on the hunt for a travel-friendly foundation that won’t leak or take up space in my makeup bag. I also wanted buildable coverage.

The BASMA Foundation Stick provides just that. The brand claims that this foundation will even out your skin and give it a natural glow.

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Overview of the BASMA Foundation Stick

A truly inclusive product, the BASMA Foundation Stick has 40 shades, with eight each under four categories: Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep. And these aren’t like, 80% fair shades and a few tan ones thrown in for the sake of claiming “diversity”.

40 shades in the BASMA Foundation Stick, grouped in 4 categories: Deep, Tan, Medium, and Light.

At $40, I understand that this foundation is pricey, and it can be daunting to find the perfect shade. That is why BASMA offers three shade samples for $10 so you can find your perfect shade, or mix two. You can also ask for three free samples of any base product you want at Sephora (in addition to purchasing other items, of course). BASMA also has a shade finder quiz to help you find your exact match.


The BASMA Foundation Stick is encased in a pink metallic twist-up square tube. At 0.22 oz, it feels heavy, and while it is a little bulkier than other stick foundations, it will still take up way less space than a liquid foundation bottle. It also closes magnetically to ensure that it closes.

About the Brand

BASMA Beauty was founded by Basma Hameed, who suffered from third-degree burns on her face as an infant. Because of this, she turned to makeup as a way of feeling better in her own skin, but at the time, most beauty brands had limited shade ranges and low-quality formulas.

Basma formulated the Scar Camouflage Procedure, which involves implanting skin tone pigments into scar tissue. She opened two clinics and worked with thousands of clients with different skin types, conditions, textures, and tones.

After finding major success and seeing how many lives she impacted in a positive way, Basma decided to open her beauty brand, BASMA BEAUTY, in 2021, to help women feel good in their skin, no matter what their skin type or journey is.

How to use the BASMA Foundation Stick

Draw lines across your face, all over, more densely closer towards your nose, and more lightly towards your hairline. Blend with your fingers, a foundation brush, or a makeup sponge. It’s that easy!

Add setting powder or setting spray as needed.


Three key ingredients in the BASMA Foundation Stick include:

  • Vitamin E: Helps with hydrating skin
  • Aloe Vera: Increases collagen and improves elasticity (great for anti-aging)
  • Apricot Butter: Nourishes and softens skin

Review & Demo

I ordered the shade 24, which is for medium skin with neutral undertones. The BASMA Foundation Stick shades operate on a numbering system, with the darkest shades being the first (with most brands, it’s the opposite).


I will say it’s creamy, but not as much as I’d like. It also doesn’t blend as smoothly as I would like. But that also means it’s not greasy, so that means those with oily skin can wear this, since stick foundations tend to be for those with dry skin.


I’d say it’s on the lighter side! But totally buildable. It doesn’t completely hide my pores and breakouts, but it doesn’t accentuate them either. At the very least, it covers the redness on my nose, so I can’t complain.

It feels lightweight on my face, that I sometimes forget I’m wearing foundation! I hate the feeling of heavy foundation sitting on my face and looking cakey.


It lasts around 6 hours before it starts to fade, but not by much. It’s pretty decent, and I imagine that if I used a setting spray, it would last a lot longer!


Not going to lie; the BASMA Foundation Stick does come with a hefty price tag at $40 and 0.22 oz. But it is one of the better stick foundations on the market that caters to a wide variety of skin tones and types. If you’re unsure, you can purchase samples of three shades for $10 on their website.

Overall Thoughts

It did take me a while to love the BASMA Foundation Stick, but now it’s a staple in my makeup bag. I hesitated to purchase it because of the price tag (although, in the past, I used to spend wayyyy more on makeup, and had no problem buying a $60+ Armani foundation). I wished it blended easier the way the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick did (which I also used to have, and is also more expensive). But I grew to love it and can’t recommend it enough, especially for those who want a natural, “no makeup”-makeup look! It’s buildable to medium coverage. If you are looking for a full-coverage foundation, this isn’t it. It does photograph beautifully!

Who is the BASMA Foundation Stick for?

  • Those with minimal acne
  • All skin types, including oily/combination skin
  • All skin tones. This foundation covers all the skin tones! (No pun intended)
  • Those who travel a lot and want a fuss-free makeup product to chuck in their bag
  • Those who don’t mind splurging a little bit on makeup

Similar products to the BASMA Foundation Stick

  • Mented Cosmetics Skin by Mented: At $30, this foundation stick is more affordable and may be of better value. There are only 16 shades, but there’s a huge variety of shade ranges since Mented Cosmetics is a Black-owned brand. It is hydrating and contains hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Grape Seed oil. You can also purchase Mented Cosmetics’ foundation brush for effortless blending.
  • BLK/OPL Skin Perfecting Stick Foundation: This foundation is even more affordable at $13.50! And it has SPF 15 (you should still use sunscreen). It gives fuller coverage. Another Black-owned brand, and there are 23 shades, but the shades for lighter skin are a bit limited.


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