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5 lip glosses on a furry white blanket. These lip glosses are the Juicy Lasting Lip Tints from K-beauty Brand, Romand. The shades shown are Peeling Angdoo, Fig Fig, Almond Rose, Eat Dotori, and Plum Coke

Honestly, scouring through the aisles at Sephora and Ulta has been boring. I see the same releases, same packaging, and same shades.

But when I went to Japan a few months ago with my husband, strolling through the makeup aisles at Cosme (the Sephora of Japan) and Don Quijote (the Target of Japan) made me giddy like a kid in a candy store.

I spent maybe an hour wandering around Cosme testing makeup from all the J-beauty brands like Canmake, Cezanne, and Kanebo. Come to my surprise; they have K-beauty (and C-beauty) products too! I tested some of the K-beauty products. When I swiped the Romand Juicy Lasting Tints (and a few other lip products), it was love at first swatch. I knew I needed to get these ASAP.

I’ve heard of and seen Romand before, but have never tried their products until I tested them out in Cosme and other shops in Osaka.

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What is Romand?

Romand (or officially, Rom&nd) is a Korean makeup brand founded by Saeron Min, a Korean beauty influencer. They have the most gorgeous lip products in different formulas and eyeshadow palettes that could pass as dupes for high-end Western classics. Their packaging is bright, fun, yet minimalistic and sleek (which also means it’s travel-friendly!). No overly cutesy aesthetic here!

What are the Romand Juicy Lasting Tints? And how do you apply them?

The Juicy Lasting Tints are one of one of Romand’s most popular products. They come in a variety of shades from nude to bright coral to vampy plum. Upon applying, these lip tints give a glossy finish with a pigmented punch of color. But as you wear them throughout the day, the shine fades, leaving a gorgeous stain (as if you ate a fruity popsicle). I still reapply because I love the gloss.

It’s a little hard to keep track of the amount of shades Romand offers for their Juicy Lasting Tints because they’re all grouped in different series/collections and they might be discontinued in different sites (more on that later).

The tints come with the typical doe-foot applicator that is in most lip glosses. You can apply the tints straight from the applicator for a fuller, more pigmented look, or you can dab the applicator with your finger, and then dab the gloss on your lip for a subtler color and a blurred effect (this is more popular in K-beauty).

I like having lots of color on my lips, so I prefer to do the former.

For this review, I am going to share and swatch the following shades:

  • Peeling Angdoo
  • Almond Rose
  • Fig Fig
  • Eat Dotori
  • Plum Coke

Romand Juicy Lasting Tints: Swatches

Hannah holding a lip gloss. The lip gloss is Romand Juicy Lasting Lip Tints in the shade Peeling Angdoo, a pinky coral nude

Peeling Angdoo

The shade Peeling Angdoo is described as a healthy nude, but on me, it’s a warm coral red. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a nude. Peeling Angdoo is a part of the Bare Juicy Series, a collection of four subtle shades inspired by summer fruits. This is a great shade for everyday wear (and for all seasons of the year), and for those who want a hint of color without an in-your-face red.


Hannah holding a lip gloss. The lip gloss is Romand Juicy Lasting Lip Tints in the shade Almond Rose, a neutral rosy pink shade

Almond Rose

Almond Rose is my favorite shade and the one I wear the most! It’s also the most popular shade among Romand Juicy Lasting Tints on TikTok. As a universally flattering shade, I’ve seen beauty creators of all skin tones rave about it. I’ve had a hard time finding the perfect everyday, rosy MLBB (my lips but better) pinky-nude shade until I came across this! Now it’s my go-to signature lip product.

Almond Rose is a part of Romand’s F/W 2020 series, featuring four shades inspired by autumn fruits.


Hannah smiling at the camera, wearing a hot pink lip gloss. The lip gloss is Romand Juicy Lasting Lip Tints in the shade Fig Fig, a Barbie pink

Fig Fig

Fig Fig is a vibrant Barbie pink (or at least that’s how it looks on me), although it claims to be a rosy MLBB. I can imagine that that’s the case for those with darker skin tones, but for those with medium/tan skin tone like mine or lighter, it pulls more hot pink.


Hannah holding a lip gloss. The lip gloss is Romand Juicy Lasting Lip Tints in the shade Eat Dotori, a warm red shade

Eat Dotori

For a fun, warm red shade, check out Eat Dotori! Eat Dotori is a part of the Autumn Fruit Series (not to be confused with the F/W 2020 series which Almond Rose is in). While it’s supposed to be a brick acorn red, it pulls more on the coral side for me. This shade is great for the summer (it’ll match that sunkissed tan), fall, and winter (for an alternative red holiday lip!).

Just be careful wearing it, because it’s on the warm side, it may make your teeth look yellower (those whitening pens have saved me!).


Hannah holding a lip gloss. The lip gloss is Romand Juicy Lasting Lip Tints in the shade Plum Coke, a deep cool-toned plum

Plum Coke

While the deep purple tube may look intimidating, I promise you that Plum Coke is a beautiful vampy shade, especially for fall and winter. I imagine this rich shade looking amazing on all skin tones! It’s also a glossy version of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen.


Where to Find the Romand Juicy Lasting Tints

You can find the Romand Juicy Lasting Tints on Amazon, or sites that sell Asian beauty products like YesStyle or Stylevana. Honestly, the prices are all over the place, ranging from $7—$15. Even each shade can differ!

But there are always sales on the above I mentioned, especially on YesStyle. The only problem is that they do take a while to ship; from 2 weeks to a month. I’m willing to wait since I’ve gotten amazing products there!

While the prices on Amazon are on the higher side, you can wait for a sale, especially on Prime Day. They can get as low as $5!

Romand does have a standalone site, but I don’t recommend shopping there. The Juicy Lasting Lip Tints cost $17.90, and their sales aren’t as deep as Amazon’s or YesStyle’s.

You can also find them at brick-and-mortar stores in Asia like Cosme or Don Quijote (in Japan) or Olive Young (South Korea) for much cheaper. They were around $6 when I bought a few shades in Japan. If you have your passport with you when you shop, you can pay tax-free.

Overall Thoughts about the Romand Juicy Lasting Tints

What I like

  • Gorgeous flattering shades for everyone
  • Insanely pigmented (but you can dab with your fingers for a softer look)
  • Affordable price, especially when you get them on sale
  • Easy to use and versatile

What I don’t like

  • It’s a bit drying, so make sure to exfoliate and moisturize regularly
  • There is a chemical smell. I’m a bit nose blind and I even I can smell it. But it doesn’t deter me from using it!


The Romand Juicy Lasting Lip Tints are an amazing product, and I’ve heard that they are dupes for the Rare Beauty Tinted Lip Oil. Overall, Romand is a fun brand and the one brand I recommend if you’re interested in dipping your toes in K-beauty.

If you have to get one shade in this list, I highly recommend Almond Rose! It’s universally flattering, and great for everyday wear.

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